340 Vine Street, St. Catharines ON

The freshest, most delicious pizza In town!

Paesano Pizza is the very best pizza in St. Catharines, Ontario. There are no “ifs” or “buts” about it – we make the freshest, most delicious pizza in town!

Customize your order

Our mouthwatering pizzas are made just the way you like it at Paesano Pizza. Choose from thin, regular, or thick crust – and even the baking options are yours to choose from with our signature regular baked pizza, to a little crispy, to totally crispy crunchy! Bite into deliciousness with your choice of fresh toppings, and be sure to try Paesano’s Best - our signature pizza!

It doesn’t stop there! Our menu has something for everyone!

Paesano Pizza has a great menu that features our signature pizzas, as well as our other favourites that our customers find very devour-worthy. Try our delicious wings in a variety of sauces that will pique your taste buds' interests. Our lunch-time favourite is our hot and cold subs that come in a variety of delicious options, including our chicken parm hot sub and our traditional assorted cold sub.

Place your order today!

Whether it’s lunch or dinner for any day of the week, Paesano Pizza is sure to delight! Call or stop by today to place your order!

Paesano Pizza Vineland Ontario

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Paesano Pizza | 340 Vine St., St. Catharines ON, L2M 4T5 | 905-937-6262